An Urban95 Starter Kit - ideas for action

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Young Explorers: new short films share city life as experienced by three-year-olds

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Early Childhood Matters 2019

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Urban95 Virtual Reality

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The first of many smart and child friendly cities in India

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Home visiting services scale up in Brazil

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Advocacy leads to new legal framework in Israel

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News & Blogs

To our partners during Covid-19

Published March 25, 2020

Dear BvLF Partners, In these enormously challenging times, we want to express our deep appreciation for your hard work on behalf of babies, toddlers and the people who care for… Read more

Connecting during Covid-19

Published March 25, 2020

I write this from my hometown of Quito, Ecuador, having come straight here after a work trip to Chile so that I could be in the same city as my… Read more

5 key takeaways from the Urban95 Festival

Published March 13, 2020

On December 2, 2019, over seventy city leaders, planners, designers and thinkers from around the world committed to making cities better for babies, toddlers and caregivers, gathered in Rotterdam for… Read more

Walking with Amadou: Creative Advocacy to Improve Dakar's Urban Environment for Children Ages 0–3

Published February 20, 2020

Inspired by the Bernard Van Leer Foundation's Urban95 project, ImagiNation Afrika wondered what it would be like to see Dakar from the point of view of a 3-year-old. Armed with… Read more

New short film explores Tel Aviv from the perspective of a three-year-old

Published February 19, 2020

In a new two minute film, a young boy called Geffen takes us for a stroll around his hometown of Tel Aviv, Israel. It shows us how differently young children… Read more

Colleague Yigit Aksakoglu acquitted of all charges

Published February 18, 2020

We are thrilled that our Turkey Representative, Yigit Aksakoglu was acquitted of all charges in his court hearing today. In November 2018, Yigit was detained by police for his alleged… Read more