Improving parenting at scale through existing health workers

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Harvard executive program on scaling early childhood programs

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India's first smart and child friendly city

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Building Africa's first national pre-school system in Kenya

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Improving nutrition and parenting skills through social enterprise

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Helping cities make informed decisions on child abuse

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New law in Brazil: big step in supporting parents and young children

Published February 5, 2016

Brazil's Senate has unanimously passed a new law quadrupling paid leave for new fathers, from five to 20 days, and mandating six months paid leave for new mothers. The law … Read More

Book release: Personal stories show that child abuse affects everything (in Dutch)

Published February 4, 2016

Kinderen die zijn mishandeld of misbruikt, zijn levenslang getekend. Om inzicht te geven in de wereld van 119.000 kinderen die jaarlijks worden mishandeld, delen zeven jongeren hun jeugdervaringen en de … Read More

Bhubaneswar wins the ‘Smart City Challenge’

Published February 2, 2016

Great news: Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Odisha, has won the ‘Smart City Challenge’, topping the list of 20 smart cities. This means that the aspirations the … Read More

Social and Economic Council asks for greater investment in early childhood (in Dutch)

Published January 21, 2016

De Bernard van Leer Foundation heeft met veel waardering kennisgenomen van het advies van de Sociaal Economische Raad: ‘Gelijk goed van start. Visie op het toekomstige stelsel van voorzieningen voor … Read More

Peru bans physical and humiliating punishment of children

Published December 17, 2015

Peru became the ninth country in Latin America to pass a law banning all forms of physical and humiliating punishment of children and adolescents. Read More

Launch of early childhood coalition in Israel

Published December 15, 2015

A new coalition has been launched in Israel to advocate for improving access to affordable, quality childcare for children aged under 3, and higher levels of investment in early childhood. Read More