Michal Warnick

Programme Coordinator Israel

Michal brings knowledge and passion for early childhood, combined with skills from the business and social sectors, to the Bernard van Leer Foundation’s work in Israel. She has an MA in Early Childhood Studies from the Schwartz Program at Hebrew University, where her studies were based on a systemic outlook and ecological developmental approach to early childhood that considers the many and varied environments that influence children’s development: family, educational frameworks, peer groups, community and culture.

During her BA and MA, she gained practical and administrative experience working for various early childhood services in Israel. Over the years, she has been engaged in community and social initiatives in both Israel and the USA. She has also gained experience in project management, content writing and programme development skills in the technology sector, which she now plans on using to advance early childhood issues.

Michal was raised in a multicultural community in Jerusalem, where the value of community and family was paramount. She is energized to bring these values to her work with the Bernard van Leer Foundation. The field of early childhood has been her greatest passion for years, and she has invested much of her time working with children of all ages. She is particularly interested in continuing to learn about the systems-level sphere of early childhood.