Learnings from the “Small Children, Big Cities” conference

Published February 2, 2015 – by Anouksha Gupta

Rapidly urbanizing India is undergoing changes on many fronts. India has a new government. There are technological changes, policy shifts and changes in the way people think. The democratic structure of this country allows us to be more vocal about our rights and ensure that they are being upheld. But there are many who are not even aware of their fundamental rights. I find myself wondering why they have been neglected for so long when they form the bulk of the population.

Child leaders discussing about the issues they face in their localities

When these questions come up, we find NGOs like the “Humara Bachpan Campaign”, a national campaign which aims at a safe and healthy environment for children living in urban poverty, empowering those that truly have the potential to rise – the children of this country.

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