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Re-imagining Learning and Play

Published April 11, 2014
Re-imagining Learning and Play - Blog - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Over the past two days I have had the pleasure of re-imagining learning and play -- with a group of 250 school teachers, digital designers, and play advocates brought together… Read more

The First Education Goal: Some Progress But a Long Way to Go!

Published February 20, 2014
The First Education Goal: Some Progress But a Long Way to Go! - Blog _ Bernard van Leer Foundation

The countdown for the Education for All goals is now less than two years away. Goal 1 is focused on expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially… Read more

Transatlantic forum discusses workforce development

Published February 17, 2014
Transatlantic forum discusses workforce development - Blog - Bernard van Leer Foundation

In New York in July 2013, the second meeting of The Transatlantic Forum on Inclusive Early Years discussed workforce preparation and curriculum innovations. Through the Forum, foundations from Europe exchange… Read more

Celebrating the launch of the General Comment on play

Published November 7, 2013

September 30, 2013 was a special day in Geneva. That day, representatives from the UN Committee on the rights of the Child, NGO’s, and play advocates all gathered together in… Read more

"The company we keep”

Published October 23, 2013

Once again I had a great chance to enjoy the company and exchange thoughts on early childhood with many inspiring and influential people in their field. At this year's National… Read more

BvLF-funded research into violence sparks media debate in Brazil

Published October 16, 2013

“Research shows that 68% of children in favela communities suffer at home”, read the headline above the article in ‘O Globo’ newspaper . “In Rio, 60% of parents in favelas… Read more

Play is powerful

Published October 14, 2013

If you observe young children you can see they are little scientists, exploring the world and trying out different things, breaking things and putting them back together. Or, at least,… Read more

5 Reasons why Businesses are Investing in Young Children

Published October 1, 2013

While attending ReadyNation’s 2013 National Business Leader Summit in Atlanta, at which senior business people voiced their support for more investment in the young children of the United States, I… Read more

Early Childhood and Peace

Published October 1, 2013

Dr Pia Britto has been in post for only six months as Senior Adviser in the Early Childhood Development Unit at UNICEF, and she is already shaking up the field. Read more

Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund: Second round of grants awarded

Published October 1, 2013

The Children and Violence Evaluation Challenge Fund has announced the results of its second round of funding. From 252 concept notes submitted in response to a call for propoals in… Read more