Find out more about what we've achieved and learned through our work in various parts of the world.

Children are sanitation ambassadors in India


Open defecation is a particular problem for young children in Indian cities such as Bhubaneswar, with unhygienic conditions spreading diarrhoea… Read More

Improving parenting at scale through existing health workers

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Visits from community health workers have been shown to have positive effects on the health, nutrition, learning and safety of… Read More

Harvard executive program on scaling early childhood programs


Demonstrating that a project benefits young children is one thing; delivering that model at scale, to benefit millions of children,… Read More

India's first smart and child friendly city


Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Odisha, is seeking to participate in India’s mission to create “smart cities”. Read More

Building Africa's first national pre-school system in Kenya


In the 1970s, post-independence Africa focused more on primary education than pre-school. The Foundation worked with the government of Kenya… Read More

Improving nutrition and parenting skills through social enterprise


School children in the Israeli towns of Hura and Migdal Ha'Emek are eating meals provided by the Al Sanabel catering… Read More

Helping cities make informed decisions on child abuse


For authorities to tackle child abuse effectively, they first need to know the extent of the problem and how well… Read More