We have worked in Israel since the early 1970s, mostly among some of the country’s least advantaged communities – Arab, Haredi and Ethiopian. Though conflict and insecurity can make it challenging to build broad-based advocacy coalitions, we are supporting partners to bring together stakeholders to raise early childhood on the national agenda.

Our Parents+ programme is working to engage parents in enhancing their parenting skills through pre-schools, workplaces – building on our partnership with the Al Sanabel catering social enterprise as a model – and a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education.

Growing recognition of the challenges faced by children in Israel’s rapidly expanding urban environments, coupled with the country’s dynamic technology sector, presents opportunities for our Urban95 programme to support innovative work with partners including city governments and Hebrew University’s Urban Clinic, which conducts applied research and training on social urban planning.


A few examples of partnerships in Israel:

Our partner ANU brought together stakeholders to form a new Coalition for Early Childhood Education, to increase public support for investment in children aged 0-3 with a focus on improving access to affordable, quality childcare and parenting support.

We are working in 11 predominantly Arab municipalities to improve the quality of preschools for Arab children, in partnership with the National Ministry of Education and the Joint Distribution Committee.

The Urban Clinic at Hebrew University is creating a knowledge network to build capacity and support for making high-density, diverse cities work better for young children.