Our involvement in Peru dates back to the early 1980s and in recent years has emphasised advocacy, towards decision-makers and the public. Salgalu and the Grupo Impulsor (“steering group”), a high-level advocacy coalition formed in 2008, are among partners who have helped to raise early childhood on the public agenda and shape national and regional policy and budget decisions. INFANT successfully campaigned for a ban on corporal punishment, and now works to ensure the law is implemented. Another partner, the Baltazar & Nicolas Foundation, is working on communication strategies to reach parents.

Decades of funding Peruvian NGOs to demonstrate models of childcare, pre-school and parenting have informed our Parents+ work in the country. We are currently working with Red SUMA – formerly Red Innova – and Kusi Warma to support local governments in rolling out home visiting services in the states of Loreto, Ucayali, Huancavelica and Apurimac. In the process we are learning lessons that will help with scaling up the national programme CunaMás, for which we are providing technical support.

Several municipal governments in Lima are working with our Urban95 programme to make the city more friendly for children and families, along with partners including Coordinadora de la Ciudad en Construccion (CCC), SUMBI and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP).