Our history of engagement in Turkey goes back to 1989 and focuses primarily on small-scale projects to explore ways of engaging with parents, many of whom come from poor backgrounds, to reduce the incidence of violence against children. Experience from these parenting programmes informs our Parents+ work to bundle support for parents with existing services.

Turkey’s ongoing decentralisation of social services offers opportunities to work with municipalities on improving the support to parents that can be offered by service centres for childcare, welfare and adult education.

Photo credit: Courtesy Bilinçli Aile Sağlıklı Nesiller

More broadly, we are stepping up work in Turkey to raise awareness of the business and scientific case for investing more in the country’s young children. We will continue to explore strategic advocacy partnerships to raise early childhood on the policy agenda.


A few examples of partnerships in Turkey:

The Centre for Migration Research at Istanbul Bilgi University is currently researching the needs of young children of seasonal agricultural migrant workers in the Cukurova region. The University has partnered with the Ministry of Development’s Cukurova Development Agency to mobilise local resources to respond to their and their parents’ needs.

Culture City Foundation and Beyoğlu municipality are together piloting an integrated model of social services, including support for pregnant women and for children’s psychosocial development. The interventions will improve the municipality’s existing services, with a focus on young children and their families.

ÇAÇA (Çocuklar Ayni Çatinin Altinda Dernegi) is building the capacities of four municipalities in Diyarbakir to provide better services for children and parents. The intervention model bundles parent support services with existing infrastructure, such as nurseries and laundries.