Green public space

Transforming existing physical spaces into places for young children to play and explore nature, and for their caregivers to meet and rest. Below is an overview of all winning projects focused on green public space.

Taa Taa Toddler Journey in Accra

Taa Taa Toddler Project - Urban95 Challenge

The Playtime in Africa team of Mmofra Foundation is creating a “toddler exploration” journey in the two-acre Mmofra Place park in the Dzorwulu neighbourhood of Ghana’s capital city Accra. The… Lire la suite

Encouraging outdoor play in Uberaba

Inspired by the poet Manoel de Barros’s line Meu quintal / É maior do que o mundo (“my backyard is bigger than the world”), the project will revitalise three squares… Lire la suite

PLAYBOX – moveable play space in Brussels

The project will help to create a safe and challenging play environment for use by younger children in the district by working with local actors to adapt the idea of… Lire la suite

Documentary on public space in Bucaramanga

Documentary on public space in Bucaramanga - Urban95 Challenge

The project will make this problem visible through a short documentary to be screened in the city and distributed through social media. The documentary will aim to make city leaders,… Lire la suite

Creating space for creative play in Delhi

The project will enhance the space by installing bamboo frames for children to climb through, steel acoustic equipment for them to enjoy making sounds, and a volleyball court, walking track… Lire la suite

Closing streets in Libreville for children to play

The project will trial the idea of closing identified streets on certain days to organise games and play for young children, potentially involving movable structures such as sand pits. A… Lire la suite

University course for Latin American urban planners

University course for Latin American urban planners - Urban95 Challlenge

This project will create a research and design cluster at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, combining research and practice to create a course on child-friendly city design that can… Lire la suite

Reclaiming front garden zones for young children in Antwerp and Mechelen

This project will look at how these zones can be reclaimed by and for young children. It will involve young children, communities and professionals in experiments in two different social… Lire la suite

Information stands with play ideas in Athens

The project will place information stands along pedestrian routes, showing – in both words and pictures that children will be able to understand – simple ideas for how parents and… Lire la suite

Safe and Stimulating Anganwadis in New Delhi

The project will engage Anganwadi workers and community members in two Anganwadis in slum areas of New Delhi – Samaypur Badli and Bhagwanpura – to develop and implement a comprehensive… Lire la suite