Media library

On this page you can find an overview of our media projects; short videos and photographs, created by/for the Bernard van Leer Foundation.

Young Explorers: new short films share city life as experienced by three-year-olds

In five newly released short films, toddlers take you along their daily hometown journeys in two very different cities – Pune in India and Recife in Brazil. Join Ahaan, Mokshada,… Read more

Animating the findings of a report on services for refugee children

This animation dramatises the findings of a report looking at services for children of refugees and asylum seekers in nine countries (Belgium, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey… Read more

Videos show how three-year-olds experience Dakar

Walking with Amadou - Urban95

A new video follows a three-year-old girl as she makes her way to the market in Dakar with her mother. It is the first in a series of nine videos… Read more

Four short films explore young children’s lives in Azraq

Four short films explore young children's lives in Azraq - Bernard van Leer Foundation

The Foundation is working with Civic in Azraq, Jordan, to explore how the response to the Syrian refugee crisis can better meet the particular needs of young children and families. Read more

A GOOD START FOR ALL CHILDREN – collection of images showing the indispensable work of frontline workers

No matter when or where they are born, babies can get off to a good start in life when their families are supported by frontline early childhood workers. Five photographers… Read more

THROUGH MY EYES – collection of images showing a day in the life of a frontline worker

All around the world, thousands of frontline workers are giving their best to support and improve the well-being and development of young children and their families. Five photographers in different… Read more

The Beginning of Life documentary – short clips

Documentary 'The Beginning of Life' - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Here you can find our selection of short clips from the documentary 'The Beginning of Life', explaining the importance of the early years of a child’s life by zooming in… Read more