Analysing Copenhagen public space at the ‘Cities for Young Children’ Study Tour

Published November 1, 2018

The Cities for Young Children Study Tour, led by Gehl Architects and Gehl Institute for The Bernard van Leer Foundation, gathered teams from five cities – Pune, India; Renca, Chile; and Recife, Sao Paulo and Boa Vista in Brazil – in Copenhagen in October.

Through a mix of site visits, presentations and workshops, the tour focused on concrete topics related to Urban95 implementation such as play and public space design, transportation planning, the use of Public Life tools to analyse the use of public space, and governance mechanisms to allow for inter-agency collaboration.

Study tour participants with Jan Gehl

The tour balanced local concepts such as Danish early childhood philosophy and bicycle diplomacy with global Urban95 examples from Tel Aviv and Istanbul.

While every participating city was at a different stage of their engagement with Urban95, each team could learn from one another, and ended with a concrete project to pursue back home.

Another Cities for Young Children Study Tour to Copenhagen is planned for May 2019, and will be targeted at the remaining Urban95 cities.