Blog: Interview with Gabriel Herrera Céspedes

Published July 20, 2016

On 10 December 2015, Peru became the ninth Latin American country to pass a law against any kind of physical or humiliating punishment for children. Parliament approved the law with 74 votes in favour, one against and two abstentions. This achievement marked the culmination of the “Childhood without Punishment, Childhood without Violence” campaign run since 2007 by INFANT (Instituto para la Formación de Adolescentes y Niños Trabajadores, training institute for working children and adolescents), with the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation and other organisations. The children and adolescents of INFANT played a key leadership role throughout the campaign.

In this interview on the Bernard van Leer Foundation blog, Gabriel Herrera Céspedes, 12-year old child advocate from INFANT, talks about his role in getting the law approved, the next steps to be taken and his dream for the future.