Brazil celebrates first ever Early Years Month

Published September 30, 2021

In August 2021, Brazil celebrated “Early Years Month” for the very first time. This same month also marked a year since the official launch of the Urban95 network in Brazil.

Ten cities around the country – Brasília, Campinas, Jundiaí, Caruaru, Aracaju, Fortaleza, Crato, Niterói, Pelotas and Brasiléia – projected messages on the side of prominent buildings, one city each night between August 22 and 31. Earlier, on August 15, activities to promote breastfeeding marked Pregnant Women’s Day.

The messages projected onto buildings drew attention to the importance of public policies that prioritise pregnant women, babies, children and caregivers – and to the actions that caregivers can take from day to day, such as playing with and telling stories to their children.

For the cities, it was an opportunity to communicate with the public about the importance of early childhood and why their city is part of the Urban95 network.

Mayor Paula Mascarenhas of Pelotas said: “We have been taking increasingly large steps towards valuing early childhood. This is the public policy that matters most”.

Valéria Braga, an official from Niterói, stressed the importance of “health and education, but also cultural activities, contact with nature, breathing clean air, and being in contact with other children and other families with a guarantee of safety and accessibility.”

José Olino from Aracaju noted, that “the city government understands that supporting and encouraging initiatives such as Urban95 is a way to develop the city as a whole.”

The Urban95 network in Brazil continues to expand, and now includes 24 cities.


Opening and closing vignettes: Escola de Notícias
Capture and editing: Teia Documenta
Photo in Brasilia: Tecnologia em Eventos