BvLF in the media: The best gift for mothers is affordable, accessible and high quality daycare

Published May 12, 2015

On Mothersday an article was published on the website of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, stating that the best Mothersday gift is not a new kitchen device, but actually low-cost, accessible and quality daycare services and kindergartens. The article argues that in order to increase women’s workforce participation (currently 27% in Turkey) the best option is to provide affordable, accessible and quality daycare services, which is also mentioned by employed women as their primary need. Based on Bernard van Leer Foundation funded research the article provides the ratios on access to preschool services, as low as 34%. Additionally the article provides examples from the Quebec region in Canada, that show how investments in low-cost and accessible childcare increased women’s workforce participation there (more than in the rest of the country).

On the note of investments the article mentions the study conducted in 2011 in Turkey, showing that every 300 Turkish Liras invested as a subsidy for daycare to women, will generate 600 Turkish Liras only as tax revenues. The article underlines the quality of such services as an important part of an early childhood policy.

The complete article (in Turkish) can be read here.