BvLF welcomes the Nurturing Care Framework

Published May 23, 2018

The Nurturing Care Framework is launched today. The result of a collaboration led by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, the Nurturing Care Framework is an important moment for all involved in early childhood development: it sets out the current state of knowledge on promoting good health, adequate nutrition, safety and security, responsive caregiving and opportunities for learning in the early years.

We at the Bernard van Leer Foundation are excited by the opportunity the Framework offers to bring new partners to early childhood development and align around a shared agenda based on the language of “survive”, “thrive” and “transform”: that is, we need to build on progress in child survival to ensure that children thrive in a way that transforms wider society in line with the ambitions expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We helped to fund the process of developing the NCF, and – while its overlap with our work is not exact – we are keen to support its implementation in the countries where we work.