Foundation partner in Brazil wins Sustainable Cities Award

Published October 11, 2019

Recife’s Compaz project has won the 2019 Sustainable Cities Award, supported by Oxfam, for the best inequality reduction project in Brazil. This footage from Globo’s NE2 news programme shows Recife’s Mayor Geraldo Julio receiving the award from journalist Jorge Abraão during the Catalysing Sustainable Urban Futures event, organised by the World Bank in São Paulo:

Recife is one of our Urban95 partner cities, and Geraldo Julio wrote a keynote piece for the 2019 edition of our journal Early Childhood Matters, entitled “Early childhood: why we need to invest in the future of cities”.

The Foundation partnered with ARIES (Agência Recife para Inovação e Estratégia) to coordinate the development of children’s priority zones around two existing Compaz community centres, directly benefiting 54,898 children, 52,510 caregivers and 2,920 pregnant women.