INFANT – Children as agents of change

Published August 17, 2016

This video showcases the work of our partner INFANT in Peru. INFANT helps children to amplify their voices in campaigning for a safe, nurturing society through events like the Water Festival and the Hug for Children event.

Children are the most vulnerable members of a community. And yet their voices can be the most powerful. In this video children from a village in the Peruvian Amazon show you that youth advocates can be agents of change in at-risk communities everywhere.

One thing that the youth advocates of INFANT do, is organise the Hug for Children event (#UnAbrazoporlaInfancia) to raise awareness for the fact that far too many children are victims of domestic violence. They want to show that violence is not a way to teach children, it only hurts them. By raising awareness for this issue, they hope that children themselves, when they grow up, don’t continue the cycle of violence.

After a very successful first time, the Hug for Children event will again take place coming Saturday August 20th at Plaza de Armas in Lima (12:00 hrs).