Istanbul95 brings leaders on study tours to Copenhagen and the Netherlands

Published November 2, 2018

Istanbul-based architecture practice Superpool brought leaders from the municipalities of Beyoğlu, Maltepe, Sarıyer and Sultanbeyli and academics from Kadir Has University to Copenhagen and three cities in The Netherlands in October on separate three-day study visits as part of our Istanbul95 programme.

Through walking tours and guest speeches, the participants explored topics such as cycle routes, events where parents and young children can talk, play and sing together and share experiences, and aspects of parks and playgrounds such as the importance of unique design, year-round useability, an element of adventure and risk, and their use as places for qualified childcare specialists to oversee activities.

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are all widely regarded as global leaders in urban liveability. Istanbul is one of BvLF’s partner cities in the Urban95 programme, which aims to improve urban liveability through a focus on infants, toddlers, young children and their caregivers.

Among the ideas taken home by participants were using more natural materials such as sand, wood and water in play installations; providing tools for parents to play games with babies and toddlers; organising activities in parks, such as reading workshops and classes; and working with schools to open up their play areas outside of school hours.