Journalists: apply for New York course on early childhood

Published March 12, 2018

Are you a journalist interested in learning more about the science of early childhood, the impact of trauma on developing minds and the policies that promote resilience and growth in the face of violence, stress and upheaval? Apply for the Dart Center’s four-day global reporting institute for journalists on early childhood development, trauma, and resilience, which runs from June 28 to July 1 at Columbia Journalism School in New York City.

The application deadline is April 9, 2018. Read further details, including how to apply, here.

You can find out what to expect by watching presentations from last year’s course, following the links from the resources page on Dart’s website. In the below video, for example, Jack Shonkoff – from Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child – presents on “Three Things All Journalists Should Understand About Early Childhood Science, Practice, and Policy”.