Launched Today: Designing Streets for Kids

Published August 6, 2020

Designing Streets for Kids is officially launched and available for order or download! The guide is part of the NACTO-GDCI’s Global Street Design Guide (GSDG), which set a new global baseline for designing urban streets. 


Designing Streets for Kids

With a focus on putting the needs of babies, children, and their caregivers first by viewing them as pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users in urban streets around the world, Designing Streets for Kids filla critical gap in urban design thinking and guidance. The guide is specifically designed to empower leaders and communities with practical solutions, policies and programmes, with a dedicated chapter on “How to Make Change Happen.” 

Download the guide

Cities, Tirana (Abania); Santiago (Chile), Kigali (Rwanda), and Fortaleza (Brazil), are already applying and implementing the global principals outlined in the guide inspiring other cities to make streets safer and more welcoming for all.    

Read more about the launch: NACTO’s Global Designing Cities Initiative releases Designing Streets for Kids