Locals start work on a children’s park in Lima

Published November 2, 2018

Two days of “public space production” have taken place in the neighbourhood of Bella Vista as part of the Urban95 programme in Lima. Having earlier worked with stakeholders in the community to priortise ideas for transforming public space, on Sunday September 23 and October 14 the Foundation’s partner CCC (Coordinadora de la Ciudad en Construcción) engaged local people in the physical work to realise the plan for a children’s park – clearing, painting, making structures from wood, and so on.

Bella Vista is the first neighbourhood to take part in the “Integral Urban System” plan, made by the Urban95 programme in partnership with the municipal government of Carabayllo. The aim is first to engage several neighbourhoods to prioritise and realise the interventions they want to see to recover public spaces for small children and their families, and ultimately to create safe walking routes that link those spaces.