New platform shares more than 600 ideas for action for companies to support young children in Brazil

Published October 22, 2021

The Early Childhood Guide for Companies calls for corporations of all sizes across sectors in Brazil to make changes throughout the business ecosystem to support healthy child development and caregiver wellbeing.

Companies can contribute to early childhood development, by promoting positive caregiving, learning, health, and other wellbeing opportunities. To support employees with young children, understanding and embracing their needs, also means to invest in lasting returns for society as a whole.

The Early Childhood Guide for Companies is based on the results of a survey carried out by United Way Brasil and the Maria Cecília Souto Vidigal Foundation, assisted by the Oré organization. 630 examples were collected and systematized in an interactive platform, providing a broad overview of good practices. The project is supported by the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the FEMSA Foundation, and included multiple partners such as Fiesp, Fiec and GPTW (Great Place to Work).

The website enables people to search for actions and policies by category, company size and target audience. Available information also includes outcome indicators as well as guidance on  implementing the ideas within the business ecosystem.

A snapshot of ideas proposed for companies:

  • Welcome and support employees with children
  • Provide paid family leave
  • Offer flexible schedules so employees can balance work and caregiving responsibilities
  • Promote safe spaces breastfeeding in work environments
  • Provide or subsidize childcare for employees
  • Invest in early childhood education services
  • Engage in advocacy and promote child-friendly policies
  • Offer guidance on parenting and early childhood development

Providing these benefits attract talented employees interested in hiring conditions and who look for work environments compatible with parental responsibilities. It is also an opportunity to enhance the company’s image, attracting investors and customers. Early childhood has also been integrated to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda. Adopting early childhood policies and practices will strengthen compliance in the corporate field and help meet requirements for certification.