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Ascend Webinar: Whole family approach to address global poverty

Published September 12, 2016
Ascend Webinar - whole family approaches to address global poverty - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Join the Aspen Ascend webinar 'Whole family approach to address global poverty' today from 16:00 - 17:00 hrs (CEST). You can register here. Joan Lombardi will represent the Bernard van… Read more

Blog: “Mini Thinktank” explores refugee children’s needs in the Netherlands

Published September 8, 2016

Read the newest post on the Bernard van Leer Foundation blog, written by Anne van Heijst (Programme Officer Early Years and Parenting) about the Mini ThinkTank and the needs of… Read more

Joint efforts ensure early childhood education in Israel is being cared for

Published September 8, 2016
Protest Coalition for Early Childhood Education - Israel - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Low-income families who apply for a childcare subsidy in Israel have typically had to wait three months for a decision. Recently, reforms to the process significantly reduced the paperwork, and… Read more

Children present their slum redevelopment plans to Bhubaneswar Development Authority

Published September 7, 2016

Covered drains, no prickly shrubs and houses with a separate room for children to sleep in are among the proposals presented to the Bhubaneswar Development Authority by seven of the… Read more

Join our webinar 'Advances in early childhood development'

Published September 6, 2016
webinar 'Advances in early childhood development' - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Early Childhood Matters is pleased to invite you to join the webinar 'Advances in early childhood development'. Further to the newly-published edition of Early Childhood Matters, this webinar, moderated by… Read more

BvLF in the media: "Planning for Infants and Toddlers" course at Israel's Ben-Gurion University

Published September 1, 2016

How easy is it to reach the local preschool without needing a car? Does a neighbourhood have a secure public place where toddlers can run around in the shade while… Read more

Vote for the Dutch Professor on Fatherhood to win the New Scientist Talent Award!

Published August 23, 2016
New Scientist Wetenschapstalent 2016

Renske Keizer, of the University of Amsterdam, is the world's first Professor on Fatherhood. Her research focuses on the ways in which fathers influence the development of their children, and… Read more

INFANT – Children as agents of change

Published August 17, 2016
INFANT – Children as agents of change - Bernard van Leer Foundation

This video showcases the work of our partner INFANT in Peru. INFANT helps children to amplify their voices in campaigning for a safe, nurturing society through events like the Water… Read more

#MakingChildrenSafer, join the campaign!

Published August 11, 2016
Child Security Index (CSI) - Bernard van Leer Foundation

The Igarapé Institute and several partners are launching a campaign called #MakingChildrenSafer (#SegurançaAssuntodeCriança) to raise awareness about the ways in which children are affected by violence. They want to give… Read more

In the media: A powerful, unexpected voice for kids in Uganda

Published August 11, 2016

Read about Private Sector Foundation's Uganda's ground-breaking work with ReadyNation to build a network of business champions for early childhood. Their collaboration - The Early Steps Programme, supported by the… Read more