Pé de Infância behaviour change campaign launches in Brazil

Published July 19, 2021

In partnership with behaviour change specialists Allma Hub Criativo, Pé de Infância provides the Urban95 Network of partner cities in Brazil with a toolkit of communication materials and strategies to promote positive interactions between caregivers and their babies and toddlers.

The behaviours chosen for the campaign were telling stories, singing and playing with babies and young children. We want to encourage caregivers to practice these behaviours at home and in public spaces.

“All we need to understand is that young children need emotional connection, positive and meaningful interactions,” said Ana Marques, a consultant at Allma Hub.

The toolkit

The toolkit includes ideas for urban interventions and community actions, a WhatsApp journey, audio and video materials, and implementation and monitoring guides. It provides institutions with messaging materials aimed at caregivers, frontline workers and community leaders, all of which are available on the campaign website. The project has been tested in three of the country’s Urban95 partner cities: Jundiaí, Fortaleza and Ubiratã.

The campaign has produced videos showcasing the importance of activities such as bathtime, outside time, story time and caregivers involving their young children in everyday chores such as washing a motorbike. It also shows that interaction and play can be done (and fun!) using everyday products like potatoes.

The campaign created a WhatsApp channel to send videos, music and inspirations to families with babies and young children.

The products were developed through research involving 84 community members and 20 experts to understand the barriers to behaviour change and which messages resonate the most.

The Urban95 Network in Brazil brings together 24 cities to develop and strengthen programmes and policies for children aged 0-6 years.