Peru: the ‘Infobarómetro de la Primera Infancia’ now shows data on young children per region

Published February 4, 2015

The Infobarómetro de la Primera Infancia (a tool to access data on the situation of young children in Peru, created by Salgalú with the support of the Bernard van Leer Foundation) has just launched information per region. This information (figures about malnutrition and anaemia) is directly addressed to the elected governor for each region, aiming to demand relevant authorities to get into action to improve the situation of young children in their region.

For each region you can see how many children in that area are suffering from malnutrition and anaemia and they have also compared these numbers to the national figures. You can see that Huanuco for instance has a really high rate of children suffering from malnutrition (29% of the children, compared to 14,1% on national level).

More information about the Infobarómetro de la Primera Infancia (information barometer on Early Childhood) can be found on their website.