Quartz publishes a series of articles on early childhood

Published July 24, 2018

“Economists have joined the neuroscientists, arguing—with data—that investing in early childhood is the most cost-effective way to affect long-term outcomes like education and employment.” In the first long-form piece for online magazine Quartz, Jenny Anderson brings the science behind parent support interventions to a broader audience.

This article is part of a series on early childhood – Rewiring Childhood – being supported by the Foundation. Quartz, a digital publication covering the global economy, will look globally at the challenges parents and caregivers of young children face, and the ways in which policymakers, NGOs and communities support them through health care, childcare, parental leave, early childhood education, and so on. Among other things, Quartz will explore the role of technology in delivering and scaling this support, interventions which work and do not work, and which countries best support families (and how they do that).