Urban95 presented at Walk21 Conference in Bogota

Published October 31, 2018

Hundreds of politicians, urban planners, civic leaders and academics, including mayors and representatives of more than 50 cities around the world, joined the Mayor of Bogota and Walk21 for the XIX International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities earlier this month. Leonardo Yanez, BvLF’s Senior Representative Latin America, was invited to make three presentations on Urban95.

Leonardo said:

“Beyond the discussions of Urban95 itself, it was heartening to see families and young children being at the centre of discussion about walkability – from the Mayor’s discourse on Bogota to the choice of photographs for the event’s banners. Also significant was how the Mayor discussed sidewalks as being like parks and green areas, rather than as part of streets. The event attracted the attention of national and international press and was broadly disseminated through social media.”

Walk21 is a charity working around the world to ensure the right to walk. The conference was based around the themes of sustainability, equity, competitiveness and citizen engagement.