Video campaign on young children and air pollution in India

Published September 30, 2021

The Bernard van Leer Foundation and Clean Air Fund have launched a new video campaign to raise awareness about the impacts of air pollution on babies and toddlers in Indian cities.

With a design inspired by video games, the video portrays the journey of a child called Rinku across a city. Each time Rinku encounters a source of pollution – including smog, burning trash, dust and vehicle exhaust fumes – his ‘health bar’ dips and on-screen text explains where the pollution comes from and how poor air quality can have lifelong health impacts on young children.

“With this video campaign, we intend to showcase the impact of polluted air through the lens of babies and toddlers and urge everyone to take urgent steps towards finding practical and immediate solutions,” explains Rushda Majeed, India Representative at the Bernard van Leer Foundation

“This is a significant campaign delivered in a form that appeals to everyone,” adds Reecha Upadhyay, Head of India Programme, Clean Air Fund. “The objective is to create an understanding of why cleaning up our air should be a top priority for all of us and what long-term effect inaction can have on communities.”