White paper: How dashboards can help cities improve early childhood development

Published December 19, 2017

A new white paper by the Open Data Institute and Oxford Insights, How dashboards can help cities improve early childhood development, explores how developing data dashboards can help city leaders to make better policy decisions for young children and their families.

Cities often collect data that is relevant to decision-making about policies affecting young children and families – from the location of healthcare services to the availability of public transport, from air pollution to poverty rates – but there is often a lack of coordination between multiple departments of a city government.

Bringing that data together in one place can help to promote effective collaboration across city departments and lead to better decision-making for young children and families. This report uses case studies and interviews with experts to produce 17 recommendations for city leaders and early child development practitioners covering:

  • Strategy
  • Choice of indicators
  • Dashboard design and maintenance
  • Leadership, culture and data literacy
  • Policy and privacy

The report was commissioned by the Bernard van Leer Foundation as part of our Urban95 initiative, which supports city leaders, planners, managers and innovators to ask what they would do differently if they could experience the city from 95cm, the height of a 3-year-old.