Children of the World

Children of the World is a series of books published by Chilean partner JUNJI (the National Board of Kindergartens) in partnership with the Bernard van Leer Foundation. The six books tell the story of individual children in six countries around the world. Illustrated by photos, the books share parts of the children’s lives such as the games they like to play, local traditions and recipes for their favourite foods.

The books will help children to understand how their peers are growing up in different parts of the world, overcoming borders, while for children in the communities of origin the books will reflect their own identity. The children’s stories were also animated for Upa Chalupa, a television series broadcast in Chile every Saturday.

All the books are available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and Yvette’s story also in Dutch.

Prisca – Man, Côte d’Ivoire

Prisca lives in the Gohouo-Zagna community in western Côte d’Ivoire, where her family work on the cocoa plantation. She likes to draw, and wants to be an obstetrician. One of her favourite memories is playing with monkeys by a waterfall.

English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version

Jhazmín – Iquitos, Peru

Jhazmín lives in the Belén neighbourhood of Iquitos, in the Amazon region of Peru. They live in a house on stilts, because every year the river floods and they have to get around by boat. He likes school, but likes playing soccer even more.

English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version

Talison – Recife, Brazil

Talison wants to grow up to be either a dancer, like both his parents, or a footballer. His footballing hero is Rivaldo, who is also from the city of Recife. Talison’s family are proud of their African heritage, and follow their traditional culture.

English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version

Yvette – Zwolle, Netherlands (from Syria)

Three-year-old Yvette was born in the Netherlands, after her pregnant mother, father and two older brothers arrived from Syria as refugees. They live in a small town of 7,000 people. She enjoys going by bicycle with her mother to the kindergarten.

Dutch version | English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version

Raghav – Pune, India

Four-year-old Raghav lives in the city of Pune with his parents, grandparents and older brother. His dad and grandad work at the fruit market. His favourite drink is sugar cane juice, and every year he looks forward to a family holiday at the beach.

English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version

Nathasha – Arica, Chile (from Venezuela)

Nathasha was born in Venezuela but now lives in Chile, where her family have come to give her a better future. She loves to play with her friends at the kindergarten, and with her stuffed toy dog, Achilles. Her favourite foods are beans and apple.

English version | French version | Portuguese version | Spanish version