Efforts to support the extension of birth leave in the Netherlands

Through the new WIEG law, the Netherlands secured paid birth leave for partners of mothers. From January 2019, the new policy provides those within formal employment with five days of fully paid partner leave. This will be extended to five weeks of nontransferable partner leave paid at 70 per cent of normal pay from July 2020. 

This case study details how the partnership between Bernard van Leer Foundation, Rutgers and WOMEN Inc. aligned perspectives on children’s needs, men’s needs and women’s needs to support policy change on paid birth leave.

We have commissioned an ongoing series of case studies on our partnerships exploring ways to take services for babies, toddlers and caregivers to scale.

Our partnership with RAND has produced a series of case studies on successful advocacy initiatives for the early years. See this Lessons Map for a matrix describing common themes and elements across all five cases for achieving impact at scale, despite different contexts.

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