Ending the use of physical and emotional violence against children and adolescents in Peru

Peru passed a law in 2015 prohibiting physical and psychological violence against children and adolescents in homes, schools, communities and other spaces. The law followed years of efforts by the Training Institute for Adolescents and Children Workers (INFANT), Organisations for Children and Adolescents (ONNAS) and other civil society partners to identify barriers and facilitators.

In this case study, RAND Europe looks at what can be learned by organisations in other countries working to prohibit the use of violence against children and adolescents.

We have commissioned an ongoing series of case studies on our partnerships exploring ways to take services for babies, toddlers and caregivers to scale.

Our partnership with RAND has produced a series of case studies on successful advocacy initiatives for the early years. See this Lessons Map for a matrix describing common themes and elements across all five cases for achieving impact at scale, despite different contexts.

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