Hidden violence: Protecting young children at home

Violence against young children is often hidden from view when it takes place in the home and the family. Articles in this issue of Early Childhood Matters explore the need for good data on how many children are affected, and for better evidence about what works to tackle violence in the home; among the strategies discussed in this issue are programmes to strengthen families, engage fathers in the early years and challenge social norms. Contributions include an interview with Maud de Boer-Buquicchio on the Council of Europe’s action plan; Professors Jack Shonkoff and Nathan Fox on the neuroscience of children’s exposure to violence in the home; Marta Santos Pais, UN Special Representative on violence against children, discussing what legislation can do; Chris Mikton on the WHO’s quest for evidence and UNICEF on their approach to violence in the home; and contributions from the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Uganda and Peru among others.