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Supporting Parenting

Publication ECIF5 Supporting Parenting

This edition of Early Childhood in Focus addresses these questions by looking at examples of parenting support programmes from the UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia, and identifies practical… Read more

Effective Early Childhood Programmes

Publication ECIF4 Effective Early Childhood Programmes

This publication, the fourth in the series, looks at the policy issues surrounding the early childhood education and care programmes: there is compelling scientific evidence showing improved long-term outcomes for… Read more

Developing Positive Identities: Diversity and Young Children

Publication ECIF3 Developing Positive Identities

This issue of Early Childhood in Focus builds on theory and evidence about what makes for positive identity, how it can be affected by adversities, social exclusion and discrimination, and… Read more

Early Childhood and Primary Education: Transitions in the Lives of Young Children

Publication ECIF2 Early Childhood and Primary Education

This second issue of Early Childhood in Focus deals with the global challenges of education for all, especially for the youngest children. It looks at the implications of growth in… Read more

Attachment Relationships: Quality of Care for Young Children

Publication ECIF1 Attachment Relationships: Quality of Care for Young Children

This is the first in a series of publications produced by the Child and Youth Studies Group at The Open University, United Kingdom, with the support of the Bernard van… Read more