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Browse editions of our journal, Early Childhood Matters, and our Early Childhood in Focus series, along with other selected publications and reports. All are free to download or read online.

Scaling partnerships: Case studies

Management case studies BvLF

We have commissioned a series of case studies on our partnerships exploring ways to take services for babies, toddlers and caregivers to scale. The case studies, by Princeton University, RAND… Read more

Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge - Stories from the field

This publication describes interventions undertaken by 25 cities in India between March and October 2021 to improve young children's and caregivers' quality of life. These cities were the first cohort… Read more

Children of the World

Children of the World is a series of books published by Chilean partner JUNJI (the National Board of Kindergartens) in partnership with the Bernard van Leer Foundation. The six books… Read more

Early Childhood Matters 2021

Climate change is especially dangerous for young children. Yet discussions about climate seldom refer to the fate of young children. They should. This edition of Early Childhood Matters is dedicated… Read more

Air quality in early childhood

This report, developed by our partner WRI Brasil for the Urban95 programme, details the harmful effects of air pollution on children's health and presents actions to minimize them. Read more

Parenting: How home visiting practices in Brazil adapted to the pandemic report, infographic and videos

These resources capture insights and stories from the Parenting Award which recognized 100 inspiring home visitors across Brazil. Read more

Transit oriented development: how to make inclusive cities

Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD, is an approach to designing "complete neighbourhoods" in which people can connect efficiently to services and activities through quality public transport, walking and cycling. By integrating… Read more

Child & caregiver mental health: Using data to make progress

This policy brief explores the current state of knowledge on the mental health of children and their caregivers. It looks at three factors – the determinants of mental health, factors… Read more

Countdown Global Mental Health 2030: Using Data to Inform Action

This report sets out the background of the Countdown Global Mental Health 2030 project, explaining the data gap in mental health, how Countdown 2030 was developed, and how it can… Read more

Seizing opportunities, strengthening synergies: Lima frames a collective strategy to advance early childhood development, 2019–2021

This case study shows how the mayor of Lima, Peru, directed the metropolitan government’s Social Development Department and a small interdisciplinary team of architects and social scientists (1) to identify… Read more