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Browse editions of our journal, Early Childhood Matters, and our Early Childhood in Focus series, along with other selected publications and reports. All are free to download or read online.

Young Children and Families in Crisis and Displacement: Selected Articles from our Early Childhood Matters publication

View our Early Childhood Matters publications from 2009–2019 on our Early Childhood Matters microsite. This is a collection of articles specifically dedicated to young children and families affected by crisis… Read more

Policy briefs - The Early Years

Want to get up to speed on early childhood issues? Whether a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, these policy briefs explain some of the biggest challenges facing young… Read more

Emerging Early Childhood Inequality: Poverty and Future Academic Achievement

Emerging Early Childhood Inequality: Poverty and Future Academic Achievement - Research Report

Economic inequality in Israel is among the highest in the OECD countries, and there are also high levels of inequality in educational outcomes. In this research paper, Dana Vaknin, Professor… Read more

An Urban95 Starter Kit - ideas for action

An Urban95 Starter Kit - ideas for action

Based on learnings gathered from Urban95 initiatives across the world, this Urban95 Starter Kit serves as a starting point to help cities understand the value of investing in their youngest… Read more

Playground ideas for 0-3 years

Playground ideas for 0-3 years

Available in English, Turkish and Portuguese as part of the Istanbul95 programme, this new guide shares practical ideas for designing playgrounds that work for children aged 0-3 and their caregivers. Read more

Early Childhood Matters 2019

Early Childhood Matters 2019

Anyone working to make life better for babies, toddlers and their caregivers will find knowledge and inspiration in this 2019 edition of Early Childhood Matters. Authors of the 32 articles… Read more

The City at Eye Level for Kids

The City at Eye Level for Kids

The City at Eye Level develops and shares knowledge about how to make urban development work at human scale. A collaboration with the Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Urban95 initiative, this… Read more

Urban95 Virtual Reality

Urban95 Virtual Reality - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Urban design and planning have a big role to play in shaping the early years of a child’s life, which are vital for their long-term health and development. But few… Read more

Infant, Toddler, Caregiver-Friendly Neighbourhood (ITCN) Framework and Guidelines

What can cities do to nurture positive early experiences and protect against negative ones? How can neighbourhoods and therefore cities support parents to talk and play with children? How can… Read more

Spotlight on the Many Voices of the Early Childhood Workforce - Solutions Summit Report

This report summarises the insights gained from the Solutions Summit and brings together the concrete solutions to real-world challenges facing the early childhood workforce that were co-created by the attendees. Read more