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HomeKnowledge LibraryThe City at Eye Level for Kids

The City at Eye Level for Kids

This book offers comprehensive and inspiring stories on how to make urban development work for young children and their families.

The City at Eye Level is an international programme that develops and shares knowledge about how to make urban development work at human scale. Produced together with Stipo, and inspired by our Urban95 programme, this book contains over 100 contributions from around the world on how to improve cities for children and the people who care for them. It shares practices, lessons, perspectives and insights from 30 different countries around the world, that will be useful to urban planners, architects, politicians, developers, entrepreneurs and advocates for children and families.

The city through the eyes of children often brings about different ways of looking at the built environment – for instance tempo and visual sight, in addition to manners to play, learn, reach, and access.

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