Turkish Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Women, Newborns and Babies

In this seven-part Nutrition Guide for Pregnant Women, Newborns and Babies, chef Seda Sümer and expert nutritionists Beyhan Göksan Bulgurlu and Muge Safak share practical, low-cost recipes and advice for healthy eating.

1. Balanced Nutrition

An introduction to food groups, common mistakes, and tips on planning, budgeting and shopping for healthy and balanced meals (20 pages).

2. Nutrition in Pregnancy

Tips and recipes broken down by trimester (20 pages).

3. Nutrition when Breastfeeding

Recipes and advice for nursing mothers (12 pages).

4. Complementary Food (6-8 months)

How to tell when your baby is ready for supplementary foods, and what kind of foods to start with (24 pages).

5. Complementary Food (8-12 months)

Advice on which new foods to introduce at what stage (28 pages).

6. Child Nutrition (1-2 years)

Recipes and advice on the growing child’s nutritional needs (44 pages).

7. Child Nutrition (2-3 years)

More recipes to introduce as your child grows older (44 pages).