Urban95 Virtual Reality

Urban design and planning have a big role to play in shaping the early years of a child’s life, which are vital for their long-term health and development. But few of us can remember what a city looks like through the eyes of a toddler – and toddlers are too young to tell us. That’s why Arup and the Bernard van Leer Foundation have developed a virtual reality experience, through which thought leaders and decision-makers can experience urban life from the perspective of a 3-year-old.

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Carstairs/Arup

About the VR

The Urban95 virtual reality experience allows users to ‘virtually’ halve in size and become 95 cm tall, the height of a 3-year-old, within a fictional piece of urban realm. It aims to represent a living, breathing urban environment as accurately as possible, where no two experiences are the same. This is achieved by combining a series of filmed actors with an AI controlled traffic system and a real-time positional audio, creating a world where users can explore at their own pace, and experience how a child perceives and interacts with its surrounding.

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Carstairs/Arup

The equipment has been developed to be easily transportable, allowing it to travel to various events, conferences, partners or others places where it can be used to convince thought leaders of the importance of creating an urban environment that works for babies, toddlers and the people who care for them.

If you are interested in having the Urban95 VR experience at your event, please contact taissa.demello@bvleerf.nl.