Kay Lankreijer

Programme Coordinator Global Displacement

Kay joined the Bernard van Leer Foundation in January 2016. She is a medical anthropologist with a holistic vision on health: looking at health from a social, medical and societal perspective. During her 6 years with the Foundation, Kay has taken on various roles. She is an expert in making connections and bridging knowledge inside and outside our organisation.

In her current role as Programme Coordinator Global Displacement, Kay is managing the Foundation’s efforts to support displaced children and families. This portfolio aims to building programmes and supporting partners to scale up their services to caregivers of children aged 0-3 in crisis settings. Further objectives include the sharing of learnings and advocacy activities to increase funding, develop policies and provide the leadership needed to support the youngest refugees everywhere.

Since 2020, Kay is also leading the Foundation’s Mental Health and Psychosocial Support strategy. This portfolio is dedicated to investing in global advocacy for caregivers of mental health, expanding scientific knowledge on urban mental health and promoting the integration of mental healthcare in health services worldwide.

Kay loves bringing ideas, people and partners together to create better health and more wellbeing. She knows how to tackle cultural sensitivities and establish impact at scale. She has embraced the challenge of bridging cross-country learnings, especially in the field of mental health.

Before joining the Foundation, Kay had worked with the National ThinkThank in the Netherlands, where she also focused on the learning and development of children. Before that, she conducted research on patient-centred health care at the Amsterdam Centre of Reproductive Health and served as speaker team coordinator of TEDxAmsterdamEducation. Kay studied Social Psychology and Women & Gender studies in San Francisco. She holds a MSc in Medicine and a MA in Medical Anthropology & Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

Kay lives in a brownstone in the historic town of Haarlem, near the North Sea coast. She loves exploring different cultures and foreign lands. In 2021, she and her husband took their two sons, aged 7 months and 3 years, on a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

Her friends nicknamed her Marie Kondo when they discovered her collection of teas organised by colour and by chakra. Kay is a yoga addict and – as a real Dutchie – gets around on a bicycle.