Sherria Ayuandini

Lead, Learning to Scale

Sherria joined the Bernard van Leer Foundation in November 2021 as the Lead, Learning to Scale. With a double PhD in medical anthropology and political sociology from Washington University and the University of Amsterdam, Sherria has more than 15 years’ experience in designing and leading research and monitoring and evaluation projects in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Before joining the Foundation, Sherria led the implementation of CO-CREATE, a European Union-funded project in the Netherlands, UK, Norway, Poland, Portugal and South Africa. With an approach that Sherria designed, CO-CREATE worked closely with young people – including those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to create policy recommendations to deal with the challenges of healthy living. CO-CREATE’s approach has since been used as an inspiration to address other societal issues such as mental health and sustainable company practices.

Often working on sensitive issues and with vulnerable populations, Sherria is passionate about listening more closely to people’s voices. She is committed to always finding new and better ways to put people at the centre of her work: collaboratively working together with them and accommodating their knowledge, life experiences and inputs.

A budding board game designer and an amateur illustrator, Sherria is passionate about colours, games and stories. Her Amsterdam home is bursting at the seams with her collections of board games, though these are dwarfed by her library of illustrated children’s books. Her dream is to have at least 366 of them so she can read a different one every night before falling asleep, to be reminded of how the world is colourful, full of learning and, ultimately, kind.