Tamar van Gelderen

Programme Coordinator the Netherlands

Tamar has broad experience in the field of Strategic Philanthropy and an affinity for taking ideas from the ideation phase to implementation, grasping the core of what is needed (problem identification) and good strategy to address complex societal problems. She is informed by her background in education in conflict-affected regions and the rights and development of children, with a specific interest in the psychosocial support and child protection dimension. She holds a MA in Comparative and International Education from Teachers College, Columbia University for which she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship.

Prior to joining BvLF she worked as a Senior Associate at another philanthropic foundation and as a consultant for various foundations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs and an educational think tank. Her interest in the professional and personal development of mainly young professionals resulted in also becoming a Co-Active coach. At the Bernard van Leer Foundation she works on agenda setting, professionalisation, innovations and learning around early childhood in the Netherlands.