A space for women and children in Dharavi

Bareilly Compound is a narrow lane opening onto a small square in Dharavi, one of Mumbai’s most notorious and highly populated slums. Houses are crowded and poorly ventilated, so children tend to spend their time outdoors, typically in the square – but their mothers cannot go with them, as women do not spend time outdoors in this community.

The project aims to create a new, safely enclosed yet semi-open space where women can gather and children can play. It will be constructed on top of the toilet block, which itself will be improved to make it more child-friendly through better lighting and ventilation. Community women will be able to use this space to socialise and potentially to earn money, for example through providing daycare.

Update on the project

Update, March 2018: The toilet block been renovated by community members mobilised by the project, and official permission is expected to be given shortly for construction of the space for women and children on top.