Documentary on public space in Bucaramanga

In the Colombian city of Bucaramanga, recent development has focused on tall buildings for housing and roads for cars. Public space is being privatised, with malls and clubs that are not affordable for low-income families. There is a lack of public space for young children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

The project will make this problem visible through a short documentary to be screened in the city and distributed through social media. The documentary will aim to make city leaders, entrepreneurs and citizens think about inequality in access to quality public spaces.

Update on the project

The initial shooting for the documentary is complete, and footage is currently being reviewed to determine whether further shoots are necessary.

Update, June 2018: The 12-minute video has now been released and can be viewed here:

What is achieved?

The documentary was screened to public sector leaders and school principals in North City, and separately at the Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga for an audience of professors, researchers, students and parents. It has also been viewed over a thousand times across social media platforms. In collaboration with The Architecture Workshop, the project has since engaged with the city administration on priorities for developing public space.