Improving municipal policy for children in Tirana

A rapid increase in the population of Tirana during the last two decades has greatly affected its youngest inhabitants, with housing being built on parks, and schools and kindergartens unable to cope with the increase in demand. The municipality of Tirana is prioritising improvement of child-related infrastructure and policymaking.

The project will fund a children policy director for the municipality to audit municipal departments to assess the impact of their projects on children, draft an analysis of the current situation and how to achieve the municipality’s vision, and create a multi-stakeholder forum with participation from civil society and schools.

Update on the project

Update, December 2018: With the support and encouragement of the Mayor, the project is going well. Systematic data collection on infants, toddlers and caregivers has started to feed into management and policy decisions, and the work of the Chief Child Development Officer is gradually spreading awareness of the particular needs of these constituencies across city departments.