PLAYBOX – moveable play space in Brussels

Cureghem is one of the poorest neighbourhood of Brussels, with most people living in small and overcrowded apartments which lack spaces to play and socialise. The rare public spaces that can be used to play are mostly suitable more for children aged 6 or over.

The project will help to create a safe and challenging play environment for use by younger children in the district by working with local actors to adapt the idea of the PLAYBOX, which has proved successful in Brussels with older children – moveable boxes of play equipment that can be taken from place to place in a neighbourhood to hold activities.

Update on the project

Update, December 2017: One PLAYBOX (pleuterbox) will be filled with themed modules: for example, a module with materials to improve fine or gross motor skills; a module with materials that stimulate the senses; a module with materials to stimulate the toddlers to move and jump. The other PLAYBOX will be a snoezelbox, where the children can enjoy a little bit of silence and relax. In this playbox you can find picture books, a puppet showcase and pillows. The materials have been developed and are now in the first stage of testing. Read more in this blog.

What is achieved?

Testing took longer than expected, as it proved more complicated than anticipated to achieve an acceptable level of safety with recycled materials, but the project achieved its goal – creating different modules that are now regularly helping infants, small children and their caregivers to lay claim to public space. By including a broad network of partners in the testing, the project was able to make a wide range of parents and caregivers feel at home and come on board with what the project had set out to achieve.