The City at Eye Level for Kids

While urban planners may consider children when designing parks and playgrounds, few ask how their and their parents’ needs could be better met in the design of streets and other public spaces in neighbourhoods and city centres. The City at Eye Level (CAEL), an international platform advocating for more people-centred planning in urban development, seeks through this project to highlight and focus its scope on children and their parents.

The City at Eye Level for Kids project aims to leverage the CAEL platform to advance the existing state of knowledge into scientific research into creating a child-friendly public realm. It will trial local placemaking approaches in Stockholm and Thessaloniki and develop a draft, open-source policy document for other cities and city-makers to use and develop further.

Update on the project

Update, June 2019: The City at Eye Level for Kids book is now available and can be downloaded here. Over 396 pages it contains contributions from 30 different countries around the world with experiences and practical ideas on improving cities for children and the people who care for them.