Urban95 Cities

If you could experience the city from 95 cm – the average height of a 3-year-old – what would you change? Here are the cities in which our Urban95 initiative is currently working to answer that question.

Urban95 city partnerships

Bhubaneswar, India

Urban95 City - Bhubaneswar

When India’s “smart cities” mission announced its ranking of applicants for support in 2016, Bhubaneswar – the capital of the state of Odisha – topped the list. The Foundation has… Read more

Boa Vista, Brazil

Urban95 City: Boa Vista - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Our partnership with the municipal leadership began in late 2017 and encompasses parent coaching, improving early childhood services, and public space interventions focused on zones around places where early childhood… Read more

Bogotá, Colombia

Urban95 City - Bogota

Bogotá Urban95 aims to create public spaces that promote active and healthy living, and street furniture designed with children aged under 5 years, their parents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women… Read more

Istanbul, Turkey

Urban95 city Istanbul - Bernard van Leer Foundation

The Urban95 partnership in Istanbul aims to strengthen the capacities of four district municipalities – Sarıyer, Maltepe, Sultanbeyli and Beyoğlu – in collaboration with two of Turkey’s best-known universities, Boğaziçi and… Read more

Pune, India

Urban95 city - Pune, India

Our partnership agreement with the municipality of Pune is still in its early stages. We have begun to work on capacity building of frontline workers and city leadership and are recruiting… Read more

Recife, Brazil

Urban95 City: Recife - Bernard van Leer Foundation

Our city-wide, inter-agency partnership with Recife has a particular focus on exploring how Urban95 tools – such as intersectoral data management, and the “children’s priority zone” concept of mobility and… Read more

Tel Aviv, Israel

Young children have become a cross-cutting strategic priority for the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, following a partnership agreement between the municipal government, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies and… Read more

Udaipur, India

Urban95 city - Udaipur, India

We have recently entered into a partnership with the municipality of Udaipur to build staff capacity on including the needs of young children and families in long-term urban planning and… Read more

Cities with active Urban95 projects

Azraq, Jordan

Urban95 city: Azraq, Jordan

Around 15,000 Syrian refugee children aged 0 to 3 live in Azraq town and neighbouring Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. We are partnering with Civic to work with existing aid… Read more

Lima, Peru

Urban95 city - Lima, Perú

We have brought together three local governments in Lima – the municipalities of Carabayllo, Comas and San Juan de Miraflores – to create a community of learning, along with our… Read more

Piura, Peru

Urban95 city - Piura, Perú

Our Urban95 work in Piura, on the north coast of Peru, focuses on preparation for emergency response. It was inspired by floods in 2017, when it became clear that new… Read more

São Paulo, Brazil

Urban95 City - Sao Paulo

We are exploring a potential partnership with city leaders in São Paulo, where a municipal law on early childhood was passed in 2017. We have participated in the ongoing development… Read more

Tirana, Albania

Urban95 city: Tirana - Bernard van Leer Foundation

There is strong political commitment in Tirana to systematising the Urban95 policy agenda across city departments. Mayor Erjon Veliaj’s administration has promoted a child- and family-centric agenda since coming into… Read more