Azraq, Jordan

Around 15,000 Syrian refugee children aged 0 to 3 live in Azraq town and neighbouring Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. We are partnering with Civic to work with existing aid agencies and other local service providers to map and better align existing services for families, including those focused on livelihoods development, and test pilot interventions to improve public space, mobility and refugee families’ sense of agency.

In Jordan, 10% of Syrian refugees live in camps and 90% live in urban or rural areas in the host community. Lack of resources and lack of coordination among agencies are widespread problems. The scarcity of play spaces and educational toys could be addressed through a livelihoods agenda, if business models can be developed and refugees’ mindsets can shift from being beneficiaries to active ‘citizens’.

We hope that the initiatives focused on both camp and town will lead to lessons that enable scale-up and adoption in other places that are grappling with the arrival of large numbers of refugees.