Tirana, Albania

There is strong political commitment in Tirana to systematise the Urban95 policy agenda across city departments. Mayor Erjon Veliaj’s administration has promoted a child- and family-centric agenda since coming into office in July 2015.

BvLF has supported the Municipality of Tirana to establish a new institutional position, Chief Child Officer, with the remit of advising and coordinating with each department on data needs, strategies and implementation plans to ensure that infants, toddlers and caregivers’ priorities are integrated at every level of municipal decision-making.

We are also funding Qendra Marredhenie (“Relationship Center”) to produce knowledge and provide city planning departments with clear priorities on infants, toddlers and caregivers’ mobility needs, as well as raising awareness on their priorities in the built environment, building strategic partnerships and facilitating processes with different stakeholders.

As part of the project with Qendra Marredhie, in 2018 we funded five Harvard Graduate School of Design fellows and five Albanian fellows to work with the municipality for seven weeks to research and produce a list of indicators for cross-sectoral gathering of data on infants, toddlers and caregivers. The resulting data will be mapped on a dashboard.