Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá Urban95 aims to create public spaces that promote active and healthy living, and street furniture designed with children aged under 5 years, their parents, and pregnant and breastfeeding women in mind.

Its pilot project – Crezco con mi barrio (I grow with my neighbourhood) – is being organised in an area comprising two neighbourhoods of Ciudad Bolívar district, a low-income area in the south of the city, selected based on data analysis. A cable car is being built in the area, which will reduce travel time between the top of the area and the bottom from one hour to 15 minutes.

The city government is also looking to involve the community in solving local problems such as lack of recreational areas and childcare places, use and enjoyment of public spaces, and improving pedestrian safety, with the support of the Juntas de Acción Comunal (JAC), an institution in charge of representing local people’s needs before the city government.

“Kids are playing inside at home because their parents don’t feel that the streets are a safe place to play”, explains Juan David Villamarín, Urban95 manager from the Social Integration Secretariat.

Bogotá Urban95 is being implemented through strategic partnerships between the municipality, the Bernard van Leer Foundation and Bloomberg, as funding and technical partners, along with the Foundation’s partner Casa de la Infancia and others who can offer support with urban design and participatory processes.

The District Social Integration Secretariat (SDIS) are managing the project, with the close involvement of the Department for the Defence of Public Space (DADEP), the Participation and Community Action Institute (IDPAC), Planning, Habitat, Culture, Recreation and Sports Secretariats, and International Foreign Affairs Department (DDRI).